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18 Months/2-year-old

(2 days a week)

The 18 months and two-year-old programs are designed to foster independence and encourage confidence in our young learners. Creative play is the way children relate to the world at this age and it's through this language of play that we connect with and teach our youngest group.

The daily routine involves teacher modeled free-play, circle time, get-your-hands-dirty craft experiences, music and movement class, role play opportunities, snack and lunch, story time, and rest time.

five-year-old (4 days a week)

Buddy Bears, our five-year-old transitional class, is offered to children who are five by December 1st. This class provides a priceless opportunity for children who would benefit from an additional year of natural development in a sensory-rich, confidence-building environment.

Here, children participate in kindergarten preparatory learning activities, such as hands-on science experiments, early literacy activities, fine motor skill building, and more.

Teachers use the Whole Language approach to reading as students are read to daily and exposed to a print-rich environment.

Math is taught using concrete, visual techniques, including manipulatives, graphs, mental math games, and written number practice. Pre-reading skills, fine motor improvement, and techniques for auditory retention are also taught.

FOUR-YEAR-OLD (3 or 4 days a week)

When a child is four, life should be active, interesting, steady-paced, and of course, stimulating! The pre-kindergarten program appeals to the four-year-old child at all of these levels as we incorporate multi-sensory learning activities and encourage original thinking throughout the day. Along with learning the letters and the marvelous ways they make sounds, the four-year-olds are preparing themselves for writing by developing fine motor skills necessary for pencil control.

The pre-kindergarten day includes movement class, circle time, center play, math manipulatives, outside play, work stations, guest readers, science/discovery experiments, and more.

The pre-kindergarten program fosters the early academic growth and development of the four-year-old child while recognizing and nurturing the individual talents of each.

Programs & Schedule


three-year-old (3 or 4 days a week)

At an age when language, autonomous thinking, and personalities are developing, the three-year-old program provides plenty of opportunity for the young learner.

Child's Play approaches learning through hands-on experiences in a multi-sensory setting. Development is fostered through teacher-directed play, manipulatives, pre-reading activities, creative expression, science/discovery, and more.

The three-year-old program includes movement class, learning centers, circle time, crafts, kitchen, discovery and free play.